Human analytics at work™.

Optimize design and layout, execute dynamic workforce strategies, reduce operating costs, and enhance the human experience in your office - all from one platform.

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You need more than a people counter to optimize your workplace.

A sensor that finally measures what really matters in your office.

Introducing In.Vision, the most advanced deep learning sensor on the market.

  • Activity dynamics
  • Cross functional collaboration
  • Desire paths and heatmaps
  • Meaningful connection points
  • Building, floor, and room occupancy
  • Desk and furniture utilization
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Great things happen when you bring your people and spatial data together.

Pangeam’s all-in-one platform was built to analyze and enhance the performance of the modern workplace.


AI powered sensor Gain more than just people counts. Our powerful, deep learning sensors apply computer vision and machine learning to measure and understand the activity dynamics in your workplace. True utilization data


Office booking app Encourage your people back by giving them control of their office through our workplace app. Check daily office forecasts, book a desk, reserve a room, and rate your office experience. Employee experience data


Workplace command center The all-in-one platform to manage your office resources and access your workplace analytics.
Track, measure, and take action to improve your workplace using data you can trust.

Combine all 3 Pangeam modules to unlock the True Utilization of your office.

Clear, actionable insights.

Pangeam simplifies and organizes the siloed, multi-dimensional data that lives within the walls of your workplace so you can make meaningful decisions.

Humans at work.

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